Open Water Dragon Boat

Who We Are

Open Water Dragon Boat is a dragon boat club offering individuals in La Crosse, WI and the surrounding areas the opportunity to strengthen themselves both physically and mentally, while enjoying the natural beauty of the region.

Our Mission

The Open Water Dragon Boat’s mission is to assist people in finding their potential. OWDB wishes to help people of all ages find confidence and ability working in a team setting.

Find your inner SISU

Life-changing Transformation

Through personal experience, we know the life-changing transformation dragon boating can have. We transform from a group of chaotic individuals to a functioning crew. The combination of teamwork and comradery results in positive aspects, which can then be employed to the individuals family, workplace, and community. As a team, we expect to be supportive of one another. We find our inner strength, our SISU, through the power of the group. Realizing we may accomplish more together as a team. In a dragon boat, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from. On the water, we are all equal. We build and strengthen together.

Our Story

Susan and I met because of dragon boating. Now, husband and wife team and co-owners of Open Water Dragon Boat. A place where everyone is welcome, experience not needed. Susan, is an experienced paddler. Dean, experienced steers/paddler. Also, a Dragon Boat Canada certified community coach.

So, who goes out and buys their own dragon boat? Well, we did! Opportunities to go paddling were limited. Where you could go, even more so. Out of that came the thought of finding our own boat. While spending a week in Florida dragon boating in 2016. I asked about finding a used dragon boat. I was put in touch with a great guy in Toronto, who had a used Rain Forest. A few months later, we headed to Toronto and brought the boat back to Minnesota.

Dean and Susan
Picking up SISU
Toronto, Canada
Dean picking up their dragon boat, SISU, in Toronto, Canada.

We bought paddles and PFD’s, so all folks have to do is show up. Open to anyone, no experience needed. No pressure, no judgments. Just a desire to get out on the water. Sometimes we paddle a bit out of the box. Music in the boat, lock and dam paddle, pirate night. Extreme dragon boating sometimes, good time, good workout. Yep, that’s us.

We feel it’s more than just about a race and drills. Though we do that too. It’s a community. Something happens in that boat, something good.

So please feel free to come along for the ride. There’s a place for you in the boat!